‘Sexually violent predator’ returns to Boulder

Jake A convicted rapist and “sexually violent predator” will be living in the Boulder Homeless Shelter until he can secure permanent housing, the Daily Camera reported.

Christopher Lawyer, who in 2001 was convicted of kidnapping and raping a Boulder woman at gunpoint, has been labeled a “sexually violent predator” because of the likelihood he may commit another crime, the Daily Camera reported.

After Lawyer’s first release from prison last year, he lived with his mother in unincorporated Boulder County. The Daily Camera also reported that in September, pornography was discovered in his possession and he was sent back to prison for 180 days in December for violating his parole.

After being refused housing in a Longmont motel and in the remote community of Jamestown where a relative of his lives, the Boulder parole board placed him in a special “parole bed” at the Boulder Homeless Shelter. Boulder County Deputy Police Chief Curtis Johnson wrote in an email to Boulder City Council that it is better for him to live in the shelter than on the streets since he can recharge his GPS anklet and can be more easily monitored there. As per the shelter’s policy, Lawyer will be able to stay there for up to 60 days, according to the Daily Camera.

In response to community concerns, the Boulder Police Department also said they will increase patrols in the surrounding North Boulder area, the Daily Camera reported.

Also according to the Daily Camera, the anklet he is required to wear monitors his location and alerts his parole officer if he goes near schools or other “geo-fenced” locations. Lawyer is only allowed to travel to the grocery store, visit his mother and travel to therapy sessions.

While his movements are restricted, he is required to leave the shelter every morning at 8 a.m. and return at 6 p.m., per the shelter’s rules.

The Daily Camera reported that the kidnapping and rape Lawyer was convicted of took place in Gold Run apartments, east of campus. The previous day, he forced his way into a University Hill neighborhood house and attempted to rape a woman, who was able to escape.

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