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Editor-in-Chief: Lucy Haggard – lucy.haggard@colorado.edu

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Managing Editor: Lauren Arnold – lauren.arnold@colorado.edu


Senior News Editor: Bri Barnum – brittany.barnum@colorado.edu

Breaking News: Robert Tann – robert.tann@colorado.edu

General Assignment: Georgia Knoles – georgia.knoles@colorado.edu


Head: Justin Guerriero – Justin.Guerriero@colorado.edu

Assistant: Zoe Collins Rath – zoe.collinsrath@colorado.edu


Head: Hannah Metzger – hannah.metzger@colorado.edu

Assistant: Henry Bowditch – henry.bowditch@colorado.edu

Arts and Entertainment 

Head: Chris Koehler – christopher.j.koehler@colorado.edu

Assistant: Camille Sauers – casa5683@colorado.edu

Visuals Department

Head Visuals: Nigel Amstock – Nigel.Amstock@colorado.edu

Multimedia: Fiona Matson – fiona.matson@colorado.edu

Copy Department

Kristin Oh – Kristin.Oh@colorado.edu

Jake Mauff – jacob.mauff@colorado.edu

Mia Gallegos – antoniamia.gallegos@colorado.edu


We are actively looking for someone to fill this position! To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and evidence of experience to the management team.


Gil Asakawa – Gil.Asakawa@colorado.edu

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