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Managing Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Jackson Barnett – Jackson.Barnett@Colorado.edu

Managing Editor: Carina Julig – Carina.Julig@colorado.edu

Managing Editor: Hayla Wong – Hayla.Wong@colorado.edu

News Editors

Multimedia News Editor: Lucy Haggard – Lucy.Haggard@colorado.edu

Breaking News: Heidi Harris – Heidi.Harris@colorado.edu

General Assignment: Bri Barnum – Brittany.Barnum@colorado.edu

Sports Editors

Head: Justin Guerriero – Justin.Guerriero@colorado.edu

Assistant: Kyle Rini – Kyle.Rini@colorado.edu

Opinion Editors

Head: Kim Habicht – Kimberly.Habicht@colorado.edu

Assistant: Lauren Arnold – Lauren.Arnold@colorado.edu

Arts and Entertainment Editors

Head: Austin Willeke – Austin.Willeke@colorado.edu

Assistant: Stephanie Wood – Stephanie.A.Wood@colorado.edu

Assistant: Chris Koehler – Christopher.J.Koehler@colorado.edu

Marketing Director

Assistant: Stephanie Wood – Stephanie.A.Wood@colorado.edu

Visuals Editors

Head: Nigel Amstock – Nigel.Amstock@colorado.edu

Assistant: Kirra McGowin – Kirra.McGowin@colorado.edu

Copy Editors

Olvia Butrymovich – Olivia.Butrymovich@colorado.edu

Kristin Oh – Kristin.Oh@colorado.edu

Maris Westrum – Maris.Westrum@colorado.edu



Gil Asakawa – Gil.Asakawa@colorado.edu

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