How to survive Bonnaroo 2014

The Bonnaroo 2014 lineup was released on Wednesday, Feb 19. This year’s headliner, Elton John, will be joined by Kanye West, Cake, The Flaming Lips and Skrillex, and those are just some of the 150-plus music and comedy performances that camping festival-goers can see starting Thursday, June 12.  

Bonnaroo can be an incredible experience, but if you’re unprepared, there can be downfalls that take valuable time away from your experience at ‘roo.

Between the hell-blazing heat of Tennessee in the summer, treks to and from “Centeroo,” where the main stages and amenities are located, and the surprising lack of nutrients in festival food, you need to know what you’re in for before you take the trip. Here’s a list of essentials to help you pack up and go all out at Bonnaroo 2014.

Sunscreen. Because backpack tan lines and permanent sunglasses-face get old fast.

Food and a small stove. You will save mad money if you don’t drop $10 or more on funnel cakes for every meal. Stock up on hot dogs, hamburgers and plenty of other snacks to keep you satisfied while camping.

Dry ice. Buy it once on the side of the road on your way in, so you won’t have to keep re-buying regular ice to keep your food and drinks cold.

Liquids. Water, Gatorade, alcohol — you make the call, but you will certainly be craving some cold goodness for the entire weekend.

Toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Port-a-potties are disgusting. Enough said. 

Disposable camera. Capture your memories without worrying about breaking your Nikon or being concerned about re-takes (because you won’t look stunning sweat-drenched and covered in mud).

Camping gear. Spacious tent, lanterns, lawn chairs, flashlights, sleeping bags, bug spray, etc.

Toiletries. You’ll be grungy regardless, but a toothbrush, face wipes and soap to rinse off with (even if you can’t shower) will make you feel better.

Portable phone charger. Unless you want to be totally cut off from the outside world, because your phone battery will not last four days.

Clothes. Or rather, a lack of them. June in Tennessee is killer hot, so the less clothes the better. Shorts, tanks, sun hats, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes are crucial.

Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival 2014 will take place June 12-15 in Manchester, Tenn. Tickets go on sale Feb. 22.

View the full lineup here. 

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