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People of 4/20


The CU Independent examines what 4/20 means to the people of Boulder since the legalization of marijuana and the shutdown of the annual gathering on campus.

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4/20 Press Conference: Noon

CU Spokesperson Bronson Hilliard discusses campus closure and 420 procedures at Press Conference on Saturday.

By Nick Stollings: At a press conference around 12:15 p.m. near Norlin Quad, CU Spokesperson Bronson Hilliard explained that campus closure and extra security is about the protection of student future, not the image of the university.

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Dear Students and CU: Why?

Police officers watch as the 4/20 crowd begins to leave Norlin Quad in 2011. (CU Independent File/Robert R. Denton)

By Nick Stollings: Amendment 64 is passed. Marijuana is legal. Why is 4/20 even still on the radar for CU or its students? There's nothing more to be done.

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