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Managing Staff

Editor-in-Chief: Ellis Arnold – Ellis.Arnold@colorado.edu

Managing Editor: Jake Mauff – Jacob.Mauff@colorado.edu

Multimedia Managing Editor: Jackson Barnett – Jackson.Barnett@colorado.edu

News Editors

Breaking News: Lucy Haggard – Lucy.Haggard@colorado.edu

Features: Charlotte Bowditch – Charlotte.Bowditch@colorado.edu

General Assignment: Kristin Oh – Kristin.Oh@colorado.edu

Sports Editors

Head: Justin Guerriero – Justin.Guerriero@colorado.edu

Assistant: Olivia Butrymovich – Olivia.Butrymovich@colorado.edu

Opinion Editors

Head: Hayla Wong – Hayla.Wong@colorado.edu

Assistant: Dani Pinkus – Danielle.Pinkus@colorado.edu

Arts and Entertainment Editor

Thomas Roller – Thomas.Roller@colorado.edu

Grapevine Editor

Gavin Daugherty – Gavin.Daugherty@colorado.edu

Visuals Editors

Head: Nigel Amstock – Nigel.Amstock@colorado.edu

Assistant: Jesse Hughes – jchughes93@gmail.com

Copy Editors

Noelle Coultrip – Noelle.Coultrip@colorado.edu

Emily McPeak – Emily.McPeak@colorado.edu

Carina Julig – Carina.Julig@colorado.edu

Web Maintenance

Jordyn Siemens – Jordyn.Siemens@colorado.edu


Gil Asakawa – Gil.Asakawa@colorado.edu

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  1. How come I don’t see anything on yesterday’s Boulder Sunset Triathlon?
    How come the sport of “Triathlon” is not listed above among the other sports? If you don’t cover Triathlon in Boulder, where would you cover it!!!!!!!!

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