Q&A: Zach Cooper, bassist of Coheed and Cambria

Legendary prog rock band Coheed and Cambria kicked off a tour promoting their newest double album, “The Afterman,” last week. CU Independent talked with bassist and newest member, Zach Cooper, as the band started out the tour.

What was it like to join an established band with a large fan base?

(Josh Shettler/CU Independent Graphic Illustration)
(Josh Shettler/CU Independent Graphic Illustration)

I have never been in a band this size before. With the large fan base and playing big shows, it’s an overwhelming thing to come into for sure. Years ago I was touring with a band in a trailer, but it was nothing at this level. There’s a big difference playing in front of big crowds. I’m from New York, and when my other band would go from New York out west, it wasn’t uncommon for us to be playing in front of seven people. But now I get to go out in front of big crowds. I was a fan [of Coheed & Cambria] before I joined, so playing “In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3” with the band is really cool for me.

How were you approached to joined Coheed & Cambria?
A band I was in recorded at Applehead Recording, and [the producer] said, “I like your playing.” I was called by the band’s manager, Blaze [James]. He said, “The guys at Applehead recommended you, can you come in and play?” And that was it.

What was the recording process like for “The Afterman”?
We’d do a small batch of songs and work on them live at Claudio’s [Sanchez, lead singer of Coheed], then we’d record at the producer’s home studio. Then we went back to the studio and recorded the full songs. [When I joined the band] I started practicing songs off of “Afterman,” none of the old songs. They started having me come to Claudio’s and hash it out live.

Why did you split “The Afterman” into two albums?
Part of it was the guys felt that it was a lot of material. We thought, okay, let it digest and settle. I remember walking in and asking about how the album was going. They said it would be a double album, and I thought, “Awesome!”

Do you guys have any plans for after your current tour?
(Laughs) We’ve been out five days. It’s definitely going to be more. There’s a lot of touring to do with the record coming out recently and having so much material.

The band plays at Denver’s Ogden Theatre on Thursday. Advanced tickets are $32.50, and day of tickets are $35. If you’re looking for a romantic place to take your secretly-emo significant other, Coheed & Cambria’s show is the Valentine’s date to take them on.

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