Advice column: Sugga wants to know

Ladies: men have opened up about how to keep ‘em hanging on.

Take her home to your mama.

Men love a woman that his mother loves. A woman who is naturally sweet, strong willed, loving and caring–kind of like mom! If you can get in good with your guy’s mom, whose opinion matters over everyone (even his boys), you are definitely a keeper.

Jealousy is so overrated.

Ladies, try your best not to express too much jealousy to your man. He doesn’t want to hear how ugly the skirt the girl who just walked by is wearing is or how much you hate his friend, who just so happens to be a girl. To them, it shows you’re insecure and possibly haven’t established much trust within your relationship.

Have some fun.

Be outgoing! Men love a woman who he can have just as much fun with as he does with his guy friends. Suggest an activity you know he’d love. Maybe something edgy like water rafting, snowboarding or even bungee jumping!

Be your own person.

Don’t focus so much on looking like the women on TV; be yourself completely. He’ll love you more for that. Although guys drool over the women on television, they also know how much of a chance they don’t have with them. Men appreciate women when they are their own person.  Anything other than that would be considered fake.

Their favorite physical feature?

Ladies, men love your beautiful smiles. So, if you’re single keep smiling. You never know who’s falling in love with it. And if you’re not, smile every time you’re around your guy. Not only does it produce positive vibes, it also brightens his day.

Advice from a pro:

“He’ll feel proud in front of his buddies if you give him a subtly sexy signal, like pecking him on the cheek or holding on to his arm as you walk.”

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  1. This is wonderful advice…even from a senior who thinks she is an expert! I’m starting over and although I’m not looking I’m sure I will eventually have another man’s arm to hold on to and give a smile. Thanks young lady and keep up the good work!

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