Boulder Co-op celebrates fair-trade month

The Boulder Co-op Market hosted a day of music, art and fashion Saturday to celebrate fair-trade month and raise awareness of global-trade issues. The event was put on by the Change Project, a local organization seeking to promote companies that engage in socially and environmentally responsible practices.

A Franti-c reception

Musician and political activist Michael Franti played for a packed Fillmore Auditorium on Friday night, proving yet again why he is such a unique musician.

Franti and his band, Spearhead, played in Denver as a part of the Harvest Ball, a two-night celebration of “all the freaky people who make the beauty of the world,” according to the concert poster.

Local businesses weigh in on gubernatorial candidates

Last week, Governor Bill Owens endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez for being the best candidate for Colorado businesses.

According to a press release from Beauprez’s campaign last week, Governor Bill Owens has worked to maintain Colorado businesses during his term and feels that Beauprez will continue where he left off on Nov. 7.

Women's basketball aided by sister-brother coach combo

The Colorado women’s basketball team has a new dynamic this season. And it has nothing to do with the players on the court, but rather the coaches on the bench, who also happen to be siblings.

In what may be the only brother-sister coaching duo in all of college basketball, Head Coach Kathy McConnell-Miller has added her older brother, Tom McConnell, to her coaching staff. McConnell, who joined the women’s basketball coaching staff this past summer, has over 20 years of coaching experience in both the men’s and women’s ranks.

UCSU rep at large candidates campaigning for election week

Students running for University of Colorado Student Union (UCSU) Representatives at Large will begin heavy campaigning for election week, Oct. 23 through Oct. 27, in order to emphasize the students’ right to choose.

Four tickets of candidates will be running for a total of five representative seats available including The EDJ Ticket, First Class Ticket, The GOLD Ticket and an independent candidate. The platform of each ticket highlights their potential goals, ideas and main areas of focus if chosen to represent the student body. Above all, each ticket stressed the importance of student participation in the election process.

Trashing waste

Newspaper, cardboard, magazines and office paper. We can’t live without it on a college campus, but what’s it all doing in the trash?

CU recycled almost 900 tons of paper during the last academic year, but plenty of paper still finds its way into the trash, according to Daniel Baril, the CU Recycling Program manager.

'The Magic of Chemistry' revealed

A fire-breathing pumpkin, balloons that exploded into flames, disintegrating Styrofoam, and a jack-o-lantern that “vomited” soap were all part of the CU Wizards’ “The Magic of Chemistry” show on Oct. 21.

The CU Wizards program, now in its 30th year, strives to introduce people to basic science concepts through fun, engaging and hands-on presentations in the fields of chemistry, physics, astronomy and biology.

The Real Deal: Week Seven Fantasy Football Projections

If you’re a fantasy owner suffering from Daunte Culpepper’s implosion in Miami, Shaun Alexander’s subjection to the Madden Curse in Seattle, or Terrell Owens’ three-ring circus in Dallas, you’ve probably been scouring the waiver-wire for possible replacements.

Buffs' soccer cruise past Texas Tech

The CU women’s soccer team has started off as promising season with a 6-1-1 record. On Friday afternoon at Prentup Field, the Buffs posted an easy 3-0 victory over the Texas Tech Red Raiders.