Democratic Chairwoman opens the night with a short speech

“It is going to be a long evening,” said Democratic Chair woman, Pat Rock to a filling room at the Hyatt Hotel in Denver.

The guests applauded and showed much support as she mentioned that voters are still out.

The Democratic party was hoping for an extended voting time earlier today because of technical difficulties in the electronic ballots earlier this morning in Denver.

Wardenburg hoping for winter illness relief

Wardenburg, stressing hand washing as the number one way to stay cold- and flu-free, is aiming for a healthier winter for CU. They have installed hand sanitizer dispensers in 17 classroom buildings on campus to encourage students to take hand washing more seriously.

Nuisance party violations hit high

Nuisance party tickets issued by the Boulder Police Department hit a high during the first six weeks of school, reaching a total of 89 and flooding Boulder’s Municipal Court and CU’s Restorative Justice program with student offenders.

Many students issued tickets face their first brush with the law, and most can avoid criminal charges.

CU seeking 'Climate Heroes'

The Environmental Center is asking CU students, staff and faculty members to be Climate Heroes by taking part in the CU Wind Challenge 1000.

The challenge asks for 1000 CU students, staff or faculty members to purchase Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) in order to offset carbon emissions from campus.

Microsoft, Mozilla show off browser might

This week the two biggest contenders in the Internet browser competition released brand new versions of their software. Microsoft, the current leader, released its new Internet Explorer 7, while Mozilla Corporation released their new Firefox 2.0.

Many students at CU use both Windows Explorer and Firefox.

Movie review: "Who Killed the Electric Car"

The 2006 release of Chris Paine’s “Who Killed the Electric Car” conveniently coincided with two events that fueled the speculative fervor surrounding the movie’s main premise: the electric car – a zero-pollutant-emitting, oil-addiction-breaking miracle machine – met an early demise at the hands of greedy oil companies and car manufacturers at the turn of the century.

Beauprez concedes

With the tallies just in, it has been called that Bill Ritter will be Colorado’s next governor. Bob Beauprez took the stage to make a speech in front of his Republican adorers.

By the applause Beauprez received from the audience, you would think he was about to give a victory speech.

Gov. race called for Ritter

The latest results from news sources across the nation have called the Colorado gubernatorial race for Bill Ritter.

The Denver Post and CNN declared Ritter the winner with 45 percent of precincts reporting. Among those precincts, 530,634 voted for Ritter to 402,018 for Bob Beauprez.