Break it down

Every Monday and Thursday night around 8:30, the Breakin’ Club can be found breakin’ it down on the badminton courts at the CU Recreation Center.

The Breakin’ Club provides students with a place to learn and share new dance moves.

More than that, the club aims to provide students with an understanding of what hip-hop culture is all about.

Pests feast on local trees

The Mountain Pine Beetle is considered one of the most important pests in Colorado pine forests, according to a study by Colorado State University Forestry. And like any pest, they are capable of overstaying their welcome.

Thousands of trees all over the Northern half of Colorado are infested with pine beetles and their populations can easily double in size with each year. Infested pine trees, which have a rust-like coloration, can be seen all over, especially along I-70 and in the outskirts of the Front Range. Boulder County experiences less than a dozen cases per year on average and usually only with trees that are not healthy.

Another way of treating pain

Pain can change lives. It can make the simplest movement agonizing – the very act of being can become a nightmare.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been around for over 2,000 years. It has been in written form for more than a 1,000 years, and it has an entirely different way of looking at and treating pain.

From the editors of The Campus Press

“CU’s only independent student voice.”

That’s our motto, and it’s what sets us apart from other Boulder newspapers.

However, this semester The Campus Press staff members feel as though we’re in the midst of a power struggle to remain independent and remain your student voice. We need the support of students and existing readers to keep The Campus Press a product of — and for — the CU student body.

Filmmaker speaks mind at First Person Cinema

Filmmaker Jean Pierre Gorin didn’t shy away from expressing his opinions Monday night.

First Person Cinema presented Gorin’s “Poto and Cabengo” and spoke to a mixture of people. Some were middle-aged and some were college students. The presentation and subsequent Q & A were held in Atlas 100 at 7:30 p.m.

Alcohol sparks bar fight

Alcohol and anger mixed with a loud, crowded space can have a disastrous result: a bar fight.

Four men were assaulted Oct. 13 outside the Y Bar in Boulder after an altercation with four other men, according to a Boulder Police Department press release.

Vandalism leaves its mark in Boulder

What seemed like an average night for Juanita’s employees turned to chaos at closing time.

Loud pops echoed through the restaurant at 1043 Pearl St. on Oct. 5 at 2:57 a.m., when two CU students threw rocks into the restaurant’s $550 window, according to a Boulder Police report.

Tokyo Joe's Monday Sushi Nights