Prevention is key for school safety

The images are too familiar. Seven years has done very little to distill the terror our generation still feels when words and phrases like “Columbine” and “school shooting” are used in conjunction with breaking news.


Senate names 2006 the Year of Study Abroad

National Geographic conducted a survey finding that 87 percent of college-age students in the United States could not locate Iraq on a map, 83 percent can’t find Afghanistan, 58 percent couldn’t pinpoint Japan and an alarming 11 percent couldn’t find the US.


Fire simulations give a whole new meaning to the phrase stop, drop and roll

Students in Williams Village explored a smoke filled room, used a fire extinguisher and examined fire-destroyed appliances Tuesday night as a part of a group effort between CU and the Boulder Fire Department to promote fire awareness month.

“It is important for students to be aware of Campus Fire Safety Month because oftentimes people don’t realize how much risk they put themselves in.


Diversity hall's 'Tunnel of Oppression' shocks, enlightens students

Student’s eyes widen as they walk across Hallett Hall’s fourth floor classroom on Sept. 26-29 during the third annual Tunnel of Oppression hosted by the Hallett Diversity Program.

The walls were made a uniform black color and then covered in memorabilia focusing on human oppression.


'Jam for Justice' fundraiser celebrates community

Dance music vibrated within the walls of Boulder Theater Thursday night as Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence (SPAN) celebrated their mission to resist racism and injustice together with the community.


CU alumnus runs for secretary of state

Mike Coffman hopes that CU students concerned with issues like voter fraud and Colorado commerce will make him their pick as the next Colorado secretary of state.

Currently serving as state treasurer, Coffman, a CU alumnus, is in the running to be the next secretary of state.


Ramadan celebrated at CU

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan began on Sunday and continues in observance until Oct. 23. The Islamic holiday marks a time of fasting, contemplation and charity on the part of all Muslims.


Hoffman accepts Iowa State job offer

Former CU president Elizabeth Hoffman accepted the postition of executive vice president and provost with Iowa State University.

Hoffman was the school’s president from 2000-2005, where she made $400,000 a year. At ISU she will be making $275,000, at the position offered to her by Iowa President Gregory Geoffrey.