CUSG voter guide: the spring election’s tickets, platforms and issues

Chalking the walkways around campus is a popular way to get information to students. Apr. 9, 2018. (Fiona Matson/CU Independent)

Students will choose a new CU Student Government administration in this week’s elections, which run through Thursday at 8 p.m. Additionally, there’s a ballot measure asking students to amend the Constitution.

This year, a whopping six tickets are in the running for office: Bold, Empower, Ignite, Pride, Prism and an independent candidate. They temporarily suspended their campaigns last Thursday to rally together in protest of the Chancellor’s attempt to reduce CUSG’s autonomy. Campaigning resumed at 10 a.m. Friday.

Here’s a breakdown, in alphabetical order, of the tickets’ members. Further down, you’ll find recaps of the ticket platforms, grouped by subject, with recaps from last week’s debate as well as interviews. (The independent ticket was not present at the debate.)

CU Independent does not endorse or reject any ticket.


Tri-Execs: Mavjuda Ashurova (Internal Affairs), Mercell Enayet (Student Affairs), Dylan Robinson-Ruet (External Affairs)

Representatives-at-large: Emmanuel Byarm, O’Ryan Gloer, Rohan Peddi


Tri-Execs: Hadleigh Swarts (Student Affairs), Henry Schaefer (Internal Affairs), John Simpson (External Affairs)

Representatives-at-large: Dawn Bulbula, Ryley Day, Jenna Harrison,  Joe Bauer


Tri-Execs: David Kidd (Internal Affairs), Olivia Wittenberg (Student Affairs), Jake Reagan (External Affairs)

Representatives-at-large: Alex Dugan, Darian MacIntosh, Emma Perkins, Julia Frondoni


Tri-Execs: Annie Wyrick, River Leung, Aric Mccarty (Pride did not specify which positions their candidates are running for)

Representatives-at-large: Andrew Goldstein


Tri-Execs: David Stearns (Student Affairs), Michael Gohde (Internal Affairs), Don Schoen (External Affairs)

Representatives-at-large: none


Tri-Exec: Charly Mendoza


For this election, sustainability is taking a bit of a backseat. Most platforms wanted to continue working with the current programs on campus, with minor changes.

Bold: Expand current initiatives such as the use of compostable cups around campus; support CU Green Labs

Empower: Reinstate a federally funded revolving fund in place of CU Green Fund

Ignite: Expand current initiatives; switch to 2-ply toilet paper; use more LEDs for campus lighting

Pride: Expansion of compost and e-waste bins; create a council of campus groups to hear needs and ideas for projects

Prism: Better coordination between CUSG-oriented sustainability programs and students who are involved and beneficiaries


For most platforms, this was the most emphasized part of their campaign, with extra reference to making campus and the community safer from sexual assault.

Bold: Expand CU NightRide by adding at least two more cars; expand Buff Bus service to run later in the night; make overdose prevention resources like Narcan accessible

Empower: Offer certification as Active Bystander; bring Narcan to campus and allow students and RAs to keep on hand; get student organizations to sign a pledge calling for an end to sexual assault; improve and add ADA accessibility; partner with Lyft for discounted ride agreement

Ignite: Put locks on classroom doors, blinds on windows to protect from active harmers; partner with Boulder Police and CU Police for an opt-in alert system on the Hill for incidents; more lighting to get rid of dark areas on campus; have CUEMS volunteers at parties to take liability off partygoers to intervene in emergencies 

Pride: Bring back blue light system or something similar; improve ADA accessibility around campus; training on sexual assault examination for Wardenburg staff

Prism: Encourage downloading and use of Lifeline app; work for better off-campus resources such as lighting on creek paths as well as on-campus options; have CU administration admit that sexual assault is a problem

Budgets and funding

Last week’s attempt by the Chancellor to reduce CUSG’s budget by over 90 percent put this at the forefront of the conversation, though the debates occurred Wednesday before that news broke. All undergrads currently receive a four-year tuition and fee guarantee, which has limited CUSG’s ability to expand their budget, according to many within the organization.

Bold: Maintain BuffConnect so student organizations have a clear way to request funding; expand funding for organizations on case-by-case basis; fund community spaces like meditation and prayer rooms; work with Legislative Council, Finance Board for better oversight on cost centers, which will be encouraged to look elsewhere when student fee budget doesn’t cover needs

Empower: Leave the Student Organization Allocations Committee (SOAC) cap in place; trim unnecessary costs within student groups where possible while supporting those that are hit with largest budget cuts; expand Homecoming, Cultural Events Board; create food bank for low-income students

Ignite: Raise funding cap; focus on health-based organizations and other student organizations showing effective work around campus

Pride: Prioritize student organizations over cost centers by increasing SOAC request cap, focusing on those that have need

Prism: Give up part of stipends for small last-minute funding requests on a first-come, first-serve basis

Transparency, administrative structure and functions

This has been a common election topic for multiple years.

Bold: Host well-advertised office hours and town halls, taking a more active role if not effective; take activist role with CUSG to advocate for DACA students and more

Empower: Encourage more graduate student involvement; seek out student organizations intentionally to help inform and build relationships; post office hours for all staff; host informational sessions throughout the year

Ignite: Advertise opportunities offered through student groups and committees

Pride: Facilitate newsletter to communicate goings-on

Prism: Create collaboration boards including student organizations to increase better communication; host regular town halls around campus; market and advertise to get students involved

Diversity and representation

Bold: Add Greek life liaison; support Cultural Unity and Engagement Center, bring back Student Outreach and Retention Center for Equity; get individual spaces for resource centers so they don’t have to share

Empower: Develop diversity and inclusion excellence advisory committee; implement Inclusive Campus Pledge; create first-generation peer advisor organization; continue annual Celebration of Diversity banquet

Ignite: Fund programs that benefit diverse communities and encourage prospective students of diverse backgrounds to attend

Pride: Create diversity council with representation from varying student groups to amplify community voices; more diversity training for Resident Assistants, campus staff; add liaison positions for underrepresented groups such as non-traditional students

Prism: Pursue more graduate student involvement; get groups to cross-promote, host larger events to bring different kinds of people together


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