Suspected sexual assault reported on CU campus

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A suspected sexual assault occurred in the early morning hours Sunday on the CU campus, according to CU police. There is no information on the suspect.

According to the information given to students, the assault happened after the victim was separated from her friends. This was at 12:30 a.m. on March 6 around Farrand Field. She was found shortly after.

If anyone has any information in regards to the assault, they are urged to contact the Colorado University-Boulder Police Department at 303-492-6666. Or, they can do so anonymously on their website.

An e-mail was sent to all University of Colorado students on Sunday night. This was in compliance with the Clery Act, which states that a campus must give students timely information on crime that happens on campus.

This comes in light of the sexual misconduct survey that the campus released the results of on Feb. 10. According to the survey, 15 percent of the people that responded reported they had experienced some form of sexual assault.

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