Preview: The University of Colorado Fringe Festival

This weekend will feature student-led performances on campus that showcase some of CU’s greatest theater talent. The annual University of Colorado Fringe Festival will take place Friday through Sunday at the University Theater.

“It’s an opportunity for a bunch of people to work together and put up what they want to do in the future,” said Hayden Bebber, a freshman theater major.

Bebber will perform in the musicals “Spring Awakening” and “Songs you were Born to Sing.”

“It’s a good opportunity for people who don’t really care about theater and don’t understand it to get a sense of how fun it can be,” Bebber said. “And it’s a good opportunity for people like me to spend a whole weekend seeing different things and just understanding the talent that’s on our campus.”

Many performances won’t have costumes because they are student-sponsored productions, but Bebber said “Spring Awakening” will have “costumes, a live band and a lot of things that just don’t happen in Fringe Festival.”

Other shows audience-goers should look out for include “Romeo and Juliet,” “Title of Show” and “Burlesque.”

“Honestly, any of them are worth going to, even if they’re bigger or smaller. I think they all have something to give,” Bebber said.

For more information on show times and events, click here.  Tickets to all performances are free of charge.

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