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Once again, spring break has come and gone. Mixed reviews surround this year’s April hiatus: some pleased to be back after a week of being sick at home and others torn up over being dragged from the beach. And yet, despite a woeful or delightful break, no one looks forward to falling back into weeks of homework, tests and early classes – or class at all for that matter.

Students eat, socialize and study in the UMC on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012. (Rachel Ramberg/CU Independent File)
Students eat, socialize and study in the UMC on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012. (Rachel Ramberg/CU Independent File)

Getting into the swing of things can be enjoyable the first couple days back, being reunited with friends and falling back into a standard routine. But it doesn’t take long for the lag of school to kick back in, with mornings of downing a Redbull to get through class, and nights spent trying to find time between homework and studying to relax for a bit.

The first and best way to get past the horror of getting back to school is to realize there are only five weeks left. This, if anything, should put your mind at ease in understanding that there isn’t long until a full three months free of studying – if you’re not taking summer classes, that is.

Committing yourself to attending all your classes the first week back will force you to return to the structure of school. Especially nearing the last round of exams, it’s important to stay focused so you can finish the year on a strong note.

Look forward to the fact that it is finally spring. Defrost in the newfound warm weather and rainy days and witness campus transform from the frosty tundras of winter into its fairer, greener state. Take to the abundance of fields campus has to offer, take in the sun, go on a bike ride or board all the trails Boulder has to offer. Take a hike or lounge out at a park with friends. Appreciate the advantages of the days growing longer and the influx of people drifting outside.

With so much to look forward to in such a brief period of time, it should be relatively easy to get through the purgatory that is the next five weeks of school. If anything, the post-spring break lag gives you five more weeks to let your skin see sun for the first time in months and get a little color before you’re forced into swim suits and shorts. Besides, at the rate this year is going, five weeks will fly by before you have time to wallow in misery at school.

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