Colorado’s bipolar weather and how to dress accordingly

We have all seen them: those certain individuals wearing short shorts, flip flops and dresses in the cold and often bi-polar weeks of early spring. Some may look fashionable or even cute, but most of them just look plain stupid. Here are the dos and don’ts of Colorado spring attire.


It may look beautiful outside. The snow may have melted a little, and the birds may be singing, but that does not mean it is OK to wear flip flops or any open toed shoes for that matter. Number one, you’re going to get frostbite on your little toesies. Number two, what happens if the weather changes in a matter of seconds –which we know happens almost five times a week– and you’re stuck trudging through the snow practically barefooted? Not very enjoyable, I’m guessing. Also, as it’s still winter, your toes probably haven’t seen sunlight for at least a month. Which probably means they aren’t ready to be seen in public either. Give them a little more time to freshen up, for the sake of your feet and your peers around you. There is nothing more disgusting than seeing pale, pruney feet in the middle of winter. Instead, try transitioning from your heavy duty snow boots into some comfortable and stylish Converse or Vans skate shoes. They are perfect on sunnier days and still keep your toes warm and happy.


Guys, I understand you are trying to keep your cool factor by wearing shorts in winter. You need to impress the ladies by showing them that the 30 degree weather has no effect on you whatsoever. Or maybe you’re trying to exemplify your manliness by showing up to class in your pre-workout gear consisting of a sleeveless tank and exercise shorts to match. As much as we girls love that about you, there are various other ways you can show us your masculine side without freezing your poor behind off. If you want to impress the girls, try wearing something maybe you have heard of before: pants. Girls love, more than anything else, a guy who has a certain kind of style to him. I’m not saying that he has to be dressed from head to toe in designer clothes, but it would be nice to see a man in something other than what his mom has picked out for him four years ago in JC Penney. And as for the workout gear, come on — we still know you’re a gym fiend if you put on some sweatpants and a hoodie.

Dresses & Skirts

Dresses can be a chic and stylish outfit in the winter and spring if you know how to dress appropriately, but I have seen girls in flowy, floral skirts while it was blizzarding outside. Number one rule for wearing a dress or skirt in the winter is layering. That gray shawl your mom gave you for sophomore year homecoming may actually come in handy now. Feel free to get funky with your attire. Wear some sheer tights or leggings underneath your dress; this helps keep you warm and doesn’t expose those white, translucent legs you’ve been hiding since October. Layering also helps shift from the freezing weather outside to the overly warm, heated classrooms, or suddenly sunny and warm outside. There is also the problem of wind. Imagine walking to class in a dress or skirt and keeping your hands warm in those jacket pockets. Meanwhile, your skirt is defenseless against that cold, winter breeze. Not only does it suck when you get the chills from the cold, but what is even worse is being utterly defenseless when the wind blows your skirt up.

Overall, just be smart about what you wear, constantly check the weather channel to see what the forecast is for the day and in general, if you think what you’re about to wear is a bad choice, then most likely you’re correct. Stay warm, CU; summer is almost here!

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Kelsey Samuels

Kelsey Samuels is a sophomore at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is majoring in psychology and journalism, but will probably switch her major 5 or 6 more times before she graduates. When she’s not watching movie trailers or Arrested Development, she enjoys cooking dinner for friends and playing epic games of ping-pong. Contact CU Independent Staff Writer Kelsey Samuels at

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