Student arrested for suspicion of DUI

CU student Jennifer Nicole Greer was arrested on Feb. 11 for suspicion of vehicular eluding, driving under the influence and other traffic violations.

According to a University News Release, at about 1 a.m., a CUPD officer saw and attempted to flag down a Subaru Outback driving on the sidewalk with two flat tires that was going east towards 28th and Colorado. The tire tracks in the snowfall indicated that the suspect’s car had come from the “lawn area near the Math Building.” At this time a civilian told the officer that the suspect had hit the median on Arapahoe and Folsom and caused two flat tires. 

A different officer saw the suspect’s Subaru and attempted to pull her over. The suspect refused to stop and drove onto U.S. 36 at 60 mph. The officers called off the chase and began to slow down. He alerted other officers in the area. Soon after, the officer saw the suspect’s car lose a tire, hit a median and come to a halt near the Table Mesa exit.

The officers then surrounded the car with guns drawn and took the suspect into custody at 1:12 a.m. The Subaru had extensive damage including a  dented hood and a bumper that was almost off.

Greer was taken to Boulder County Jail where she refused to have her blood-alcohol content measured. She was not injured nor thought to have hit any other vehicles or injured any other people. Greer has previously been charged twice for alcohol related driving offenses.

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  1. posting the name was a dick move. she hasn’t even been charged yet and you just let all of Boulder know of her stupid move. she may be guilty but how would you feel if that was your name in the article.

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