CUI sports mailbag: X Games edition

It’s time for the 2013 X Games. Starting Thursday in Aspen the X Games will show off some of the best extreme athletes in the world. Athletes will compete in snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling and so much more. CUI reporters let you know what and who to be watching this weekend as the X Games get under way.

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Scott Annis, sports section editor

Everyone is going to be watching Shaun White in snowboard superpipe. The same event in skiing might be even more exciting though. With the same high flying entertainment it will be must watch TV. Last year David Wise, 22, won in surprising fashion, it was his first ever medal at the X Games and no one was expecting it.

This year it wont be as easy though. Kevin Rolland, a two-time X Games ski superpipe champ is back in action after tearing his left ACL just before last years X Games. Many will be tuning in to see how his knee holds up on the biggest stage, and to see if Wise winning was just a fluke or if he can repeat.

Jillian Arja, sports section editor 

Tucker Hibbert, 28, a snowmobiler will be performing in the snowcross competition this week. This event was dumped last year but is returning back to the X games this winter. Hibbert has been a participant in the X games since he was 15. The X games start Jan. 24 and run through Jan. 26. Snowcross was the first snowmobiling event and was followed by Hillcross, where participants race on tracks of tight turns and corners with steep jumps.

Jessica Malknecht, veteran sports reporter  

Kaya Turski is a Canadian female ski slopestyle competitor that everyone should be watching. In her 2010 Winter X Games debut Turski received the highest slopestyle score ever with a total score of 96.66. Also, in the 2012 X Games she was the first female skier to ever to hit the switch 1080. Keep your eyes open for this 24-year-old daredevil as she attempts her fourth consecutive title as X Games women’s ski slopestyle champion.

Grayson O’Roark, sports reporter

This year’s slopestyle competition is the must see.  Shaun White, love him or hate him, is rumored to be attempting to throw a triple cork 1440 on the last jump of the slopestyle course. While triple corks are routinely seen in big air competitions the trick has yet to be attempted in a slopestyle competition. White reportedly has the trick down and is seeking to become the first to throw it in this event. Other riders such as Mark McMorris have also reportedly landed the trick in practice. Watching for who will be the first to land the trick will be prime time X Games drama.

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