GLBTQ Resource Center and groups celebrate GLBTQ history month

The University of Colorado offers a variety of clubs and organizations to help students find their niche. One of the most active organizations is the GLBTQ Resource Center, which has helped CU become one of the Top 100 Campuses for GLBTQ Students.

The GLBTQ Resource Center, founded in 1995, is the sort of hub on campus that offers a variety of services and works in conjunction with the GLBTQ related student groups here at CU.

October is GLBTQ History Month and is dedicated to encouraging people to learn the history of those who make differences in the GLBTQ community. Many events are being held in the upcoming weeks in celebration.

One of the events dedicated to celebrating GLBTQ History Month is the AIDS Memorial Quilt, which will be laid out on Norlin Quad this week. Other events include: National Coming Out Day on the 11th, the appearance of Eddie Izzard at CU on the 13th, and the Drag Show on the 27th.

Quilts cover Norlin Quad this week representing AIDS Memorial Quilt. The memorial was put in place by the GLBTQ Resource Center here at CU. (CU Independent/Nate Bruzdzinski)

Scarlet Bowen, director of the GLBTQ Resource Center said that the Drag Show is a always a fun event.

“I think the Drag Show is actually the most attended event on campus,” Bowen said.

The Drag Show is open for anyone who wants to perform and is hosted by the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA), one of the groups that work with the Resource Center.

Recently the GSA hosted a Queer Sex Ed seminar on Sept. 13 in the UMC, which taught attendees how to be safe in sex practices that weren’t covered in traditional sex ed classes.

According to Denver Public Health 1 in 4 teens will contract and STD/STI. Community Health, who works with the GSA also offers HIV testing.

Athena Ross, a 20-year-old junior film major, said the GSA connects people of all orientations.

“I think it’s helpful for forming relationships between the gay and straight community,” Ross said. “There’s a divide there and there really shouldn’t be.”

The GLBTQ Resource Center also offers room for student groups to hold meetings. GLBTQ groups on campus include: Athlete Ally, Biphoria, Out Faithful: Queer Spirituality, GATHER, Gay Straight Alliance, GLBT Business Student Alliance, GraduOUT, LBBTQA Jewish Student Union, OUTlaw, Queer People of Color, Student Alliance of GLBT Engineers and TransAct.

The Resource Center also offers many services to students including free printing, a lounge, GLBTQ books and movies for rent and scholarships.

“The center allows people to access our resources without being identified,” Bowen said.

Sam Teets, a junior English and French major, said that the Resource Center provides a place for everyone to come together.

“It [Resource Center] provides a community where homosexuals and allies can come together and socialize in a safe environment,” Teets said.

The Resource Center and the GLBTQ Community are mourning the death of a beloved and active member, Kenna Egbune. In addition to the vigil, the Resource Center plans to set up a public space dedicated to Kenna where people can go and leave flowers and candles and remember their dearly missed friend.

For more information about the GLBTQ Resource Center click here.

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