Opinion: Football fans, don’t get your hopes up

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It’s no secret that the Buffs are struggling. Up until last week it looked like the team wouldn’t win a single game this entire season.

Thanks in part to a slew of mistakes by Washington State and a bit of luck, the Buffs were able to avoid setting a record far from being worthy of bragging rights.

Colorado head coach Jon Embree watches a replay on the video board during the second half of the 28-30 loss to Sacramento State. This weekend the Buffs were routed by Fresno State 69-14. (CU Independent File/James Bradbury)

However, while it seems that maybe Jon Embree and company have turned the tides for now, there are a few things that need to be brought up. Don’t call me a party pooper, call me a realist.

First of all, the first three games against Colorado State University, Sacramento State, and Fresno State were supposed to be sure wins for a program looking to build on an incredibly lack luster, albeit first, season in the Pac-12. As you know, that didn’t happen.

Second, for a brief moment, CU was labeled by some to be the worst program in Division I-A football. Some pointed fingers at Embree while others said outright that the squad lacked talent to compete in what many consider the best conference in college football.

Regardless, to be considered the absolute worst among 119 programs is an accomplishment in and of itself.

Third, it gets oh so much worse.

I take that back. It gets downright terrible.

Despite recent woes, University of Southern California (USC) is still a team loaded with Heisman Trophy potential with Barkley, Woods and Lee.

Oregon boasts arguably the fastest and most potent offense in the entire country. My roommate tried to bet me that the Ducks would set an NCAA single game scoring record against Colorado. I declined simply because as lofty as it sounds, there’s a real chance it could happen.

Even with the departure of Stanford’s star quarterback, Andrew Luck, the Cardinal will still make the game look like it’s a group of men vs. elementary school kids.

The point of my rambling?

To keep things grounded and remind everyone that while the season isn’t over, it’s safe to start looking forward to 2013. Some teams need to rebuild or reload, others, like CU, need to part the Red Sea, make it rain locust, and turn water into wine.

Who knows? Maybe Embree truly turns things around against UCLA this weekend and shuts not only myself, but pundits across the country, up.

On a brighter note, hope is on the horizon in the form of CU basketball. The Pac-12 champs just began their official practices as the start of their season is only a few more weeks away.

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Shay Knolle

Shay Knolle is a journalism major at the University of Colorado. Born the son of Zeus, he is an avid supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Oakland Raiders, with a extreme dislike of all things Boston (looking at you Brady).

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