CU: upholding tradition with every new freshmen class

For the past 136 years, CU has upheld traditions to connect its students and create a community on campus.

Last week, the class of 2016, like many before it, participated in the annual celebration “The Big Five.” The event included convocation, Ice and Dice, Global Jam, Welcomefest and the Welcome Back Concert.

CU Insight caught up with Justin Lutsch, class of 2016, and Vanessa Dunn, class of 2004, to find out what they had to say about being a freshman at CU.

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Yuchen Wu

Yuchen is a senior student at CU double majoring in finance and accounting. He loves journalism because it gives him an opportunity to see this world objectively as it is. He appreciates the truth, even though he thinks truth is the bottom of abyss. Through journalism, he cultivated a deep concern about people. He enjoys making his news involved with people, and he thinks the only solution to make the news better is by understanding them.

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