CU to remodel Kittredge West

CU is planning to give the Kittredge West residence hall an extreme makeover.

Last Tuesday, regents approved a $22.8 million project plan that calls for an entire renovation of the residence hall.

Megan Rose, communications specialist for planning, design and construction for CU, said there are two major reasons behind the remodel.

“Overall, the residence halls are old and are in need of an update,” Rose said. “But this project is also about creating a Residential Academic Program in Kittredge West. Students want to feel like they are part of something, and adding the Residential Academic Program will create community in the dorms.”

According to the program plan, study rooms will be created to accommodate students enrolled in the RAP and allow for additional space to study other than inside their dorm rooms. The plan also calls for the addition of classrooms where students enrolled in the RAP will take classes.

The new residence hall will include a wider variety of room types, including faculty apartments. Rose said the plan is to make Kittredge West a more desirable place to live.

“All the redesigns are aimed to make it more attractive to live on campus,” Rose said. “The university hopes to not only house freshmen but also a variety of students in all grades. With the addition of the Residential Academic Program, faculty will also have the opportunity to live in the dorms in apartment-like structures.”

Part of the renovation calls for a more eco-friendly structure. According to Rose, one feature includes more natural lighting, as well as improved automatic lighting that lights up the space only when it is in use. Another upgrade includes better windows, which will help insulation and save energy. During construction, workers will be required to recycle old material as well as material not used during the remodeling.

Kittredge West is one of the last halls on campus to receive renovation. Colin Bovet, a 19-year-old freshman business management major, currently lives in Kittredge West and said he believes the hall is in need of an upgrade.

“It definitely needs to be updated,” Bovet said. “All the other Kittredge Commons dorms have been updated, and now it’s our turn.”

George Booth, an 18-year-old freshman planetary science major, said he would also love to see the hall get remodeled.

“I haven’t heard about the remodel plan but I assumed Kittredge West would soon get remodeled since other dorms have been worked on,” Booth said. “I think it definitely needs to be updated; it’s rundown compared to the other dorms on campus now.”

According to Rose, the remodeling will begin in May 2012 and is planned to be finished in August 2013. Kittredge West will not be available for housing during the 2012-2013 school year, but the university has enough space to still accommodate for all the students.

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