Local businesses weigh in on gubernatorial candidates

State’s image, opportunity are what matter most, they say

Last week, Governor Bill Owens endorsed Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Beauprez for being the best candidate for Colorado businesses.

According to a press release from Beauprez’s campaign last week, Governor Bill Owens has worked to maintain Colorado businesses during his term and feels that Beauprez will continue where he left off on Nov. 7.

“We need a governor with a solid record who will stand up for business and fight taxation, regulation and litigation,” Beauprez said in the press release.

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Bill Ritter said he feels that, among other things, it will be important to invest in education in order to build a stronger work force, according to his ‘Colorado Promise’ Agenda that was added to his Web site last month.

“Our ability to grow an economy, support businesses and create quality jobs hinges on the knowledge and productivity of our people,” said Ritter in his campaign agenda.

Despite efforts to plan for the next gubernatorial term, for many businesses in Boulder, the governor’s role comes down to leadership and creating a good image for the state in order to attract more business through tourists.

“A lot of it has to do with good general leadership,” said Brian Maytum, a general store manager for Art Mart, on Pearl Street.

Maytum went on to say that the governor has a lot to do with the image of the state, and therefore it is important to elect a candidate who can project a positive image for Colorado.

Another important aspect to Colorado businesses, and especially Boulder businesses after the opening of the new Twenty Ninth Street, is support and maintenance of the smaller businesses.

“They need to put something in place to encourage downtown businesses,” said Shannon Sorensen, general store manager of Lush, a Pearl Street cosmetics store.

Sorensen also said that maintaining old businesses and helping new businesses succeed would be a vital part of the success for the Colorado business world.

Regulating the economy and ensuring that businesses get fair amounts of opportunity is another role for the governor in the economy, according to junior linguistics major Kevin Crooks.

“(The governor) shouldn’t actively control businesses. It’s the governor’s job to stay out of the economy,” Crooks said. “But it is the governor’s job to regulate it and keep it fair.”

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