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Making the most of the meal plan

"Fine dining" and "college campus" are typically diametrically opposed statements. But CU thankfully offers a variety of eats to suit even the pickiest of palettes. The dining halls are scattered across campus, with each offering its own specialty to set it apart from the pack.

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Step 1: Learn to love your roommate

As a freshman everyone has a roommate. This person may be someone you love and have known your whole life or a psychotic stranger. Either way, both of you have to make the best of living together. According to some Sewall resident assistants, frequent problems that come up with incoming freshman are things like not giving each other enough personal space, not being considerate of noise and light in the room, and being sensitive to sharing each other's things.

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Step 2: Pack lightly!

Looking around your old room and trying to decipher what to pack up and take to the dorms can be more than difficult. The process can be stressful, but this guide will explain all of the dos and don'ts to packing for the dorms. Advice from first-year freshman will help ease some of your anxiety.

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Only in Boulder…

The mantra "there's no place like Boulder" is frequently heard in this part of Colorado. Some of the best evidence for this claim lies in the events that are unique to Boulder County. Whether it be enjoying an Irish Car Bomb at Conor O'Neil's on St. Patrick's Day or running in the Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day, no tenure in Boulder is complete without experiencing all of the events below.

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Q & A with the new chancellor

The Campus Press recently sat down with CU's newly-appointed chancellor, George "Bud" Peterson. Here's what he had to say about his new job, his goals and some of the most pressing issues on campus today. CP: You formerly served as a research scientist for NASA.

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Hittin' the Books

Here's a tip to college studying that may double, triple or even quadruple your productivity: leave the dorms. Get out. Find another location to take on your studies. A dorm room only allows you to be vulnerable to such distractions as hallway squirt gun fights, your neighbor's band practices, or the not-so-inconspicuous party going on in room 311.

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