Boulder native IYVES creates a fusion of acoustic and electric with new single

The cover IYVES “Gold (acoustic).” Photo courtesy of Tallulah PR and Management

After releasing her debut album “Chromatic” in 2018, Boulder native R&B singer IYVES will release an acoustic version of her single “Gold” Friday at midnight on Spotify.

Hannah Taxman, now known as IYVES, moved to New York City in 2014 to pursue music professionally. Her stage name was inspired by ivy’s resilience to “thrive and grow in very dark, harsh environments.” Likewise, she hopes that she can overcome hardships and continue to “blossom” in her musical career.

In her original release of “Gold” in April 2019, IYVES’ crooning, sultry vocals are backed by an echoing choir of backup vocals and a slow, building beat. She shifts seamlessly between a soft, breathy tone in the verses and powerful belt in the choruses. Her soulful vocals add an R&B touch to the pop and electronic ballad.

IYVES said her acoustic rendition of “Gold” is a “stripped-down” version of the original and showcases the melody and lyrics. Although she is staying true to her electronic style, IYVES new single moves towards a “fusion of acoustic meets electronic.”

Her inspiration for “Gold” comes from a relationship she had that was “better than [she] could have imagined.”

“The analogy in the song is I have only experienced silver,” IYVES shared. “Now all the sudden I am experiencing gold. I didn’t think it could get better. It’s a lush, sensual song. It’s like wow it’s hitting me – I’m super into you.”

The song’s cover artwork shows IYVES is bathed in golden light, her opulent, scintillating jewelry drawing attention to her exposed neck. She is surrounded by hands, some suggestively resting on her body as she leans back in pleasure.

IYVES describes her music as “soulful, raw and powerful.” She said she has always been drawn to R&B, soul and blues and loves “gospel choirs and big vocals.” At the age of 8, she performed Aretha Franklin’s “Natural Woman.” She lists other influences as Marvin Gayes, Black Eyed Peas, Alabama Shakes and Tame Impala.

She believes that her music is raw because she shares personal stories authentically, allowing herself to be vulnerable with her listeners.

“Over-polishing music takes away the edges of the human feeling. I want to make sure my honesty and authenticity comes through in the music,” she said.

She often performs live in New York City venues, including Mercury Lounge and Gramercy Theater, and toured the East coast earlier this year. She hopes to bring her music “outside of the New York City bubble” to the “big world” outside. She especially hopes to make a hometown debut in Boulder soon.

“Music has always been a part of my expression and something I have always been called to do,” IYVES said. “It’s so fixed as a part of my identity that it’s hard to even imagine not pursuing it.”

“Gold (acoustic)” will be available at midnight on Spotify.

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