Progress ticket wins CU Student Government spring election

The Progress ticket has won all positions in the 2019 spring election of CU Student Government (CUSG).

Members Nicholas Kennedy, Ryan Passes and Michael Martin have won all tri-executive positions. They won just over 62 percent of the votes of 2,930 student votes.

Representative-at-large winners include Emmanuel Byarm, Zoe Wienberg, Debbie Landman and Faith Atkins, all members of the Progress ticket.

Progress ran on creating more accessible resources for students while creating an accountable student government with transparent initiatives.

Tri-Executive results by ticket. (Robert Tann/CU Independent)

Two constitutional amendments failed due to voter turnout. Just over nine percent of students voted, with the minimum required to be 10 percent of the student body.

The first amendment would regard the CUSG judicial branch, changing the the Appellata court to “Supreme Court”; change the number of justices from seven to nine and install a 3-month time limit for Executives to fill vacant justice seats.

The second looked at a number of financial processes and changes to Joint Boards. This amendment would have required Legislative Council to fill legislative seats on CUSG Commissions. It would have added an undergraduate seat appointed by the Executives and a graduate seat appointed by the United Government of Graduate Students.

Winning candidates will be sworn in on May 2nd, 2019.

Representative-At-Large results by candidate. (Robert Tann/ CU Independent)

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