Endless Nameless rocks Radio 1190’s Local Shakedown

(Courtesy of Radio 1190)

Every Friday at 5 p.m. in the basement of CU’s University Memorial Center, a local band performs live for the campus radio station, Radio 1190. These live performances create what’s called the “Local Shakedown.”

Last week brought Denver based math rock band, Endless Nameless. Their performance was at once refined and raw chaos.

The radio space has an edgy and colorful interior, fairy lights on the ceiling, with posters strewn on the walls — which also boast an impressive CD collection. Upon first impression, the band seemed to fit in well here: the loop pedals and tangled cables covering the floor, with the electric blue hair of the lead singer and the Doc Martins on the guitarist’s feet adding to the aesthetic of the room. A worn sofa on one wall seats fans of the band ready to hear the music.

The band consists of lead singer/guitarist Lexi Reynolds, lead guitarist Ricardo Bonilla, bass guitarist Bradley Thill and drummer Jackson Lacroix. The four get the thumbs up from the studio’s DJ and Lexi gives a modest introduction.

“Hi, we’re Endless Nameless, this song is called ‘Sandlegaze.'”

Lexi’s ability to play intricate and fast guitar riffs while singing is evident from the start of this song. “Sandlegaze” is an intriguing combination of sweet and jangly, yet fast and heavy guitar riffs. It features an impressive and intricately rhythmic drum beat with simple vocals. The final product is a performance that had the studio audience nodding their heads and tapping their feet in appreciation.

The music took quite a drastic turn with the other songs “Cloudburst,” “Propania” and “Jurassic Bark.” These songs are much heavier and more metal-sounding, insinuated by their apt names.

These songs are more raw and messy sounding, aided by primal screams from Lexi and Ricardo. However, the band provides structured chaos rather than just a cacophony of noise. The music seemed to explode within the small confines of the radio station. Let’s just say earplugs wouldn’t have gone amiss.

Whilst that particular style of music isn’t necessarily up my alley, it appeared to be for the onlookers seated on the sofa. A clear passion for the music definitely showed from the band and the impressive amount of head-banging that accompanied them.

The band’s chemistry is apparent. It likely stems from their early roots. Bradley and Ricardo met in high school and started their musical journey by playing in metal bands. They list their influences as hardcore punk, metal and the guitar style of finger tapping — made famous by Eddie Van Halen.

For those new to the term “math rock,” Lexi describes it as a genre that “focuses on time signature changes.” This distinction is apparent when listening to the plethora of rhythms within Endless Nameless’ songs.

Overall, the energy behind the performance was palpable and the band of talented musicians hit the nail on the head by describing themselves as “energetic, mathy, experimental and eccentric.” If you like rock, particularly on the heavier side, then Endless Nameless is one band to see live.

You can find their album Counterparts and other music on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp.

Contact CUI Arts Writer Alana Cook at alana.cook@colorado.edu.

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