CUSG fall election: Elevate, Rise to compete for Rep-At-Large seats

From Monday, Oct. 29 at 8 a.m. through Thursday, Nov. 1 at 8 p.m., CU students have the chance to vote for five new CU Student Government (CUSG) representatives-at-large. There are two main tickets for this fall election: Elevate, which has five candidates, and Rise, which has two candidates.

The nine seats of Representative Council – with five seats on the ballot in the fall and four on the ballot in the spring – join with the Council of Colleges and Schools to make up CUSG’s Legislative Council.

Similar to U.S. Congress on a CU Boulder scale, the council writes and votes on legislation and resolutions to make changes around campus. The council oversees the budgetary process for CUSG’s cost centers and joint boards, allocating student fees to the various entities as well as making sure student groups are sufficiently funded. Representatives also work with the advisory or joint boards that they sit on, serve as a balance of powers to the executive branch and help advocate for students to the CU administration and off-campus organizations.

Here are the tickets with their candidates and their platforms. To find out more about each of the candidates, click on their names to go to their full bios on the CUSG website.


Platforms: student safety, including sexual assault prevention and education, increased lighting, transportation reform and improved student experience.

“The Elevate ticket is also striving to improve social relations between the CU community and Greek community by working together as one cohesive unit.”


  • Maddie Gile – sophomore studying international affairs and leadership. Executive Board President, Global Leaders. Member of Pi Beta Phi. Presidents Leadership Scholar.
  • Nicholas Kennedy – sophomore studying accounting and finance. Member of Leeds School of Business Honors Program. Member of unspecified fraternity. Previously volunteered with Boys and Girls Club.
  • Michael Martin – sophomore studying advertising and business. Banquet Chairman of unspecified fraternity
  • Chloe Sonne – sophomore studying marketing and business. Member of Alpha Phi.
  • Kate Sullivan – sophomore studying communications and psychology. Member of Chi Omega.


Platforms: representation of all aspects of the student body, safety of students both mentally and physically and maintaining university status as a leader in sustainability.

“As a ticket we promise to always have the student body’s interest at heart and be a true representation and reflection of all students in the university. … RISE is committed to making CU student government as autonomous as it could possibly be, serving as a distinctive example of the power of student voice in the nation.”


  • Antony Congram – junior studying economics and political science. Working to establish campus chapter of PeaceJam. Community Service Chair of Pi Kappa Alpha.
  • Ibrahim Karoussa – senior studying economics and leadership. Member of CU chapter of Model United Nations. Former Vice President of Muslim Student Association. Member of Middle Eastern Student Association. Member of Colorado Ocean Coalition.

Voting will go through the MyCUInfo portal. To file an election complaint that an individual or a ticket violated the Election Code, download it from the CUSG “Elections” page. A complaint must be filed within 48 hours of someone witnessing the alleged infraction.

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Lucy Haggard

Lucy Haggard is in her third year at CU Boulder, born and raised in Colorado. She was the Editor-In-Chief during Fall 2018, working primarily on coverage of Title IX at CU. She helps the CUI cover campus and the local community in the most aesthetically and audibly pleasing ways possible. When not on assignment, she's probably dancing way too early in the morning.

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