Movie review: ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’

A Bad Moms Christmas movie poster. (STX Entertainment)

The sequel to Bad Moms can only be described as yes, you guessed it, bad. The editing looks like it was done by a high schooler that just learned iMovie and the writing is so cheesy I could put it on a burrito. I had a hard time coming up with other adjectives to describe the cheesiness because it showed through on all forms.

A Bad Moms Christmas follows the plot of the (somehow) box office hit, Bad Moms. The lazy wine-mom comedy stars, surprisingly, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn. Both plots follow predictable and cringe-worthy storylines that use slapstick comedy and cliché stereotypes to further their agenda.

Once main characters, Amy, Carla and Kiki, join together to “take back Christmas,” the slow-mo sequences and terrible background music commences. The soundtrack is by far the worst part of both movies. They use somewhat relevant pop hits, but not even the good ones. I guess if they’re appealing to their generic entertainment-seeking mom demographic, they’re succeeding.

All in all, anytime the group decides to “rebel” they end up being assholes to everyone around them, but they get labeled carefree. The slow-motion montages show them being inconsiderate to the store’s employees. They drown themselves in milk they don’t pay for and push people over only to call themselves “bad moms.”

In A Bad Mom’s Christmas they are perpetrated by their moms, in which they’re exactly like each other. Each mom has their own quirk that negatively affects the family. The story follows each character’s struggle in which you can inevitably predict the outcome of.

Amy’s mom is the epitome of the judgmental mother by having a Jackie O hairstyle, pearls and a voice like Cruella De Ville. Every stereotype is forced and lacking all depth. There’s no complex characters, except Carla.

Carla is the single bad mom who is the only one that’s intrinsically funny. Kathryn Hahn’s delivery and lines are the only thing that hold up the comedic aspect of the movie. Every other character’s lines are forced and obviously written tailored to a wide array of mothers.

Regardless, it’s a raunchy and thoughtless comedy that pleases only moms that seek entertainment to relate to themselves.

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