Grapevine: Five signs you’re in Norlin Commons on a Sunday afternoon

Birds are chirping, the sun’s out … and you’re stuck in Norlin Commons because you have a fifteen page paper due tomorrow!

  1. It’s impossible to find a desk. No matter which entrance you picked, you were most likely met with blank stares from other hard-working Buffs as you scoured for a place to sit. After your third loop around the Commons, you probably started questioning your decision to get out of bed at all.
  2. The line at Laughing Goat is looping around the printer stations. As you walked by Starbucks on your way to the Commons, you probably just decided to save time and get coffee at the Laughing Goat. Wait jk the line is easily three times that of Starbucks, so while you’re supporting a local shop, you’re also losing valuable study time. Ugh, the pains of trying to stave off corporate development.
  3. It’s too loud to get any work done. Most people think that going to the library would mean going to a quite, calm place to get some work done. Ha! Good one. On any given Sunday like 65 percent of Greek life and packs of miscellaneous students will head to the commons to socialize just as much as to study. If you’re in need of quiet, try the third floor.
  4. The printers are broken. Paying well into five figures a year for tuition, most students would assume that a tiny portion of their tuition dollars could go toward functioning printers and copiers. For some reason, Norlin Commons seems to be the worst offender when it comes to completely inadequate printers. So, even if you manage to get your essay done among the cackles and cacophony of your fellow students, good luck printing it.
  5. On the plus side, there are no tour groups. Monday through Friday, and maybe even Saturday, you can expect to be VERY rudely interrupted by helicopter parents and their annoying offspring as they are herded like cattle through the Commons. It’s pretty hard to focus when dozens of eyeballs seem to be boring into you, and it’s like these visitors have never seen a college student before. Hi, hello, yes we are a real demographic; tour guide, can you take them to the Buff pool now? Thanks.
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