If spring break destinations were your friends

Ahh, spring break is finally upon us! Grapevine decided to get you in the mood by comparing some favorite CU spring break destinations to people in your friend group. Have a great spring break, Buffs!

Cabo: Cabo is probably bleach blonde, tan and insanely fun to be around — for short bursts of time. They probably seemed like an amazing ball of fun at first, but you soon found out that they were waaaay too much to handle over the long haul. These days, you probably hit up Cabo on a Thursday-Saturday night to find out where the good parties are. They’re also inebriated 90 percent of the time they’re awake (which is for, at most, like 10 hours a day).

South Florida: Your South Florida friend is a slightly less crazy version of Cabo. You can always count on a fun time with them, and they won’t leave you completely hungover for a majority of the next day. If Cabo is a hot mess, South Florida is more of a lukewarm mess. Still messy, just not as much so, and probably with more refined tastes.

Europe: The Europe of your friend group is always posh, polite and way more sophisticated than your average CU student. You can count on them to update you on the latest fashion and beauty trends, and to let you bum a cig outside of Norlin when you’re studying together for an art history exam.

Lake Havasu: The Lake Havasu of your friend group is as wild as Cabo, but way more likely to get the cops called on them, or to get arrested for anything ranging from drunk and disorderly conduct up to assault and battery. Yeah, they’re pretty shady. Your evenings with Lake Havasu can either end in a ton of fun, or with you bailing them out of jail at 3:30 a.m.

National Parks: The National Parks of your friend group looks like they walked out of an REI catalogue, can’t get enough of the outdoors and are always up for hikes, no matter how early or late in the day. National Parks love to brag that they stay in “5 billion star hotels” or whatever, but beware this just means you will end up being way too cold with them in some remote natural locale over break because you don’t have an $800 REI sleeping bag.

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