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The driver in a pedestrian collision talks with police at the scene. (Tyler Pialet/CU Independent)

Pedestrian struck at Regent Drive and Broadway

Editor’s Note: This story was originally published Friday and updated Saturday with additional information.

A pedestrian was taken away in an ambulance after he was hit by a car at around 6:13 p.m. at the intersection of Regent Drive and Broadway on Friday.

A woman was heading eastbound on Broadway in her vehicle when she ran into the 20-year-old pedestrian just before she made it through the intersection of Regent and Broadway. Witnesses say she was traveling about 30 mph when her car made impact with the pedestrian.

The woman who was driving the vehicle had a green light, so she had no time to react when the pedestrian began walking out into the intersection.

Greg, who chose not to disclose his last name, was one of the only people to witness the accident. Pointing to a smashed beer can lying in the street, he said he believes alcohol may be to blame for the pedestrian’s decision to walk out into the intersection without a “walk” signal.

“He was definitely intoxicated,” he said. “He almost stumbled into me and I kept questioning myself whether he was going to keep walking into the street.”

The Boulder Police Department confirmed on Saturday that the pedestrian was under the influence of alcohol. He was cited for minor in possession of alcohol and entering the road without a walk signal.

Bystanders from nearby apartments gathered around the intersection to offer their reports of the incident — most of whom had heard the impact and ran outside.

The driver who struck the pedestrian remained on scene, along with two other witnesses, as police officers tried to find out what happened.

The pedestrian lay in the street motionless until paramedics arrived on scene. Greg, who was in the street attending to the pedestrian, said that he had to answer a call from the pedestrian’s girlfriend and break the news to her.

“I work in a trauma unit, so I know how to calm people down in that type of situation,” he said. “But she seemed really distraught, like she didn’t know how to respond to me. I had to reassure her that he was going to be okay.”

According to the Boulder Police Department, the pedestrian was taken to Boulder Community Health Foothills Medical Campus and remained there until Saturday. His injuries are not serious or life threatening.

Within 40 minutes of police arriving on scene, the intersection at Regent and Broadway had been cleared.

Police have not released names of the driver or the pedestrian.

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