Signs that you’re 100 percent done with this semester

For some reason, spring semester always feels longer, and harder, than the fall semester. We’re about halfway through the semester, but here at Grapevine we are 50 shades of DONE with it. Here’s how we can tell:

  1. Due tomorrow=do tomorrow. Chances are, you’re probably reading the Sparknotes or Gradesaver editions of your readings right before class, hoping to gain some easy points by participating just a little bit.
  2. You look at the confirmation emails for your spring break trip every hour. With the prospect of a wonderful spring break trip to save you from your sorrows getting closer by the day, you probably spend half of class clicking through the photos of the Airbnb, or resort, you’re staying at. You have even come to find relief by simply looking at your airline confirmation email. Two. More. Weeks.
  3. You contemplate dropping out at least twice a day. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t google “Jobs requiring only some college experience” on the regular?
  4. Your relatives start to get concerned about you. After failing to call Mom and Dad for the ninth day in a row due to your excessive workload, the parents have probably told all of your extended family and family friends how concerned they are. But maybe you can use this as blackmail or a guilt trip down the road.
  5. You don’t even try to look presentable anymore. Remember the good-old-days back in mid-January, when you would spend at least 10 minutes picking out what you want to wear? Yeah, we do too. However, at this point of the semester you’re probably walking around campus with the attitude that your classmates should consider themselves lucky that you managed to get dressed at all.
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