17 normal things CU students see when they’re out that would be considered crazy anywhere else

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At most major universities, there tends to be a big party scene. There are always typical night clubs, huge frat parties and the occasional local college bar scene. But at CU Boulder, our party scene tends to be a tad bit wilder. There are some things that happen in Boulder that just need to stay in Boulder. Below are few examples of some things that normally happen at CU, but would seem crazy to anyone who doesn’t go here.

  1. Watching a 50-something-year-old woman making out with a college student while they’re here during “Mom’s Weekends”
  2. Finding some poor soul passed out on the sidewalk on your walk home
  3. Having Boulder PD take you home from the bars
  4. People “skiing” in the bathrooms of the Walrus and Downer like they are the next Shaun White of our generation
  5. Seeing some unfortunate girl managing to clog all the toilets at Sig Pi with her vomit
  6. Noticing some wayward soul getting taken out of a party on a stretcher to go to detox
  7. Having the typical drunk person sprinting away from the cops like they are the next Mohamed Farah
  8. Seeing the strippers that work at Nitro getting a drink at the Downer during their hour off
  9. Running into all the DILFS and MILFS of Boulder at the bars
  10. Watching a girl get arrested because she threw a glass at one of the bartenders at the Walrus
  11. Seeing an extremely hammered man getting escorted out of the Downer because he decided to light a joint in the bar
  12. Accidentally stumbling upon two homeless men fighting because one puked on the other one
  13. Watching a 20-something-year-old girl getting escorted out of a strip club because she thought that she should be the stripper for the night
  14. Watching people hop in a Hungry Buffs car instead of a CU Night Ride
  15. Noticing that one of your friends has been missing for over 24 hours because they have been in detox
  16. Running into a group of boys doing the naked mile because they lost beer die or Snappa
  17. Seeing that your favorite teacher is at the same drag show as you

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