Concert review: Sammy Adams keeps crowd amped in Denver

CUI photographer Phil McKenzie caught up with Sammy Adams before his show on Thursday — see the interview here.

Sammy Adams performed in Denver on Feb. 17 to a 400-person crowd at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom. Though the audience largely consisted of college-aged people — many of whom sported CU gear — there was a notable variety of ages. A good number of post college-adults also attended.

That feature of the crowd demonstrated the long-standing fan base Adams developed during his early days as a recent college grad. The variety of ages also made it clear that the hip-hop artist has done a great job maintaining and expanding on his fan base over the years.

I wasn’t expecting Adams to be an amazing performer. I was nevertheless blown away by his incredible enthusiasm, which he carried throughout the entire show. It was immediately apparent from the moment the stage lights came on and Adams’ DJ scratched the first couple songs that the audience was in for a great performance. There was no song that failed to get the crowd’s hands in the air.

In addition to putting on an energetic performance, Adams consistently engaged the crowd. He even spent half of a song on the floor with the audience.

“You have to be the one that sings it every night,” Adams said while discussing the importance of making music you love in a in a pre-show interview. Friday’s concert proved that Adams truly loves the music he has made since he burst onto the music scene eight years ago with his song, “I Hate College”. When Adams performed his debut single Friday night, his enthusiasm made it seem like he was on stage for the first time — and the crowd ate it up.

The 29-year-old rapper kept the room stoked all night long. Hands were up, and many sang along to every song. Long story short, see Sammy next time he comes through town.

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