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Going to class in college can be an interesting experience at times. You never know what type of teacher you’re going to get or who is going to end up in your class. There are even times where you go to that class one or twice a semester. Typically, you tend to have the same type of people in your classes that always make an impression on you. Below are a few type of characters that you might meet in your studies:

The Know-It-All

This person acts like they are next Bill Gates of the world. They like to brag that they did all the readings and scored the highest grade on the exam. Every time the teacher asks a question they begin waving their hand like this will be the last thing that they will do on earth. At times, you just want to throw something at them. This person is probably one of the most annoying people you will meet in class.

The Sports Players 

I still don’t understand why these guys go to class. They have a personal note taker, a tutor and, let’s be real, they probably have someone to do their homework for them too. The only reason they are in class is for attendance, and they know that if they don’t go they are going to get reamed by their coach. If you get stuck with one of these guys for a group project, good luck, because you will basically be doing all of it for them. For example, that one dude that still owes me for that “A” he got in sociology. You know who you are.

The Frat Guys

These guys walk into class wearing pastel-colored clothes with their frat symbols all over them. They are constantly saying “brah” and talking about the next frat party that they are about to throw. When they walk into class they look for the next freshman that they can prey on. Typically, by the second week in the semester, they have a hook-up buddy or some poor girl helping them with their homework.

The Stoner

There is always that one person in class that smells like they’ve been living in a joint for the past two months. You don’t really notice that they are there, but you can pick up on their scent. They probably only show up to class once or twice a month; but when they do go to class, they probably leave in the middle of lecture to go get some munchies.

The Alcoholic

This person comes into class smelling like they’ve been drinking all morning. They typically have a cup in their hand that looks like a Starbucks coffee but let’s be real, we all know that it’s not just coffee. Usually, they are wearing the same outfit that they wore the night before and have intense bags under their eyes. The only reason that these people are in class right now is because they used up all their available unexcused absences.

The Average Student

This tends to be the majority of students that go to CU. These students live by the motto,  “A ‘C’ gets degrees.” They do as little as possible to get by and are usually a communications or music major. The only reason that they are in school is because they need a degree to get a “ big girl or big boy” job.

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