Grapevine’s style picks for spring

Spring is almost here — snow-haters rejoice! Now, let’s figure out what you might want to be wearing after Feb. 28.

**Side note, we try to avoid recommending most fast-fashion retailers, mainly due to their highly questionable labor practices and questionable quality. However, we’re in college so do what you have to do.**

***Buff on a Budget items are all under $100***

Oval Sunglasses

Kurt Cobain, an indisputable legend, had some seriously great ideas when it came to eyewear. Pick up a pair of oval shades to hide the bags under your eyes.

Baller option: Saint Laurent, specifically shades in the “Surf” collection.

Buff on a Budget option: this pair from Urban Outfitters.

Light Denim 

Alessandro Michele, Creative Director of Gucci, is probably the hottest designer at a major fashion house right now. With almost every designer taking inspiration from Michele’s latest collections, light denim is going to be super popular. So ditch your black jeans with ripped knees for some light, fun and seasonal denim pants.

Baller option: Gucci, duh.

Buff on a Budget options: Topshop  and Topman make good quality denim for pretty affordable prices, and their products won’t be completely destroyed after the first washing, unlike most fast-fashion brands. Be sure to take advantage of both retailer’s student discount.

Small Cross-Body Bags

Thank the fashion gods that totes and floppy hats are largely behind us as everyday staples. Not that totes should ever be completely abandoned, but for a while it seemed like every company was trying to sell bags that you could move into after your lease runs out. Now, you can be on-trend with one of the most convenient accessories possible: the small cross-body bag. What we at Grapevine love most about this trend is its growing identity as a unisex item. American guys can now rock small bags without looking like a European tourist lost in Times Square or looking for the Liberty Bell or something.

Baller option: Chloe “Mini” Marcie bag.

Buff on a Budget options: Kipling “Sebastian” , Madewell “Simple” cross-body bags.

Men’s option: Barneys “Small Vertical” bag.

Simple Leather Sneakers 

While Converse and Stan Smiths have been trendy for years now, both are reaching the point of critical mass of being overdone, sorry not sorry. However, there are a ton of simple leather sneakers out there that will go with almost any outfit. Common Projects has been creating some great silhouettes for a while now with their “Achilles” line. And you can actually find these on sale sometimes!

Baller option: Common Projects “Achilles Low” (unisex!!)

Buff on a Budget option: Superga low tops (unisex!!)

Embroidered Anything 

Another trend that stems directly from Gucci, embroidery is popping up on more and more items. While we don’t suggest shelling out $1200 for a pair of jeans that will look ridiculous in three years, there are some fun embroidered options for under $100 from plenty of stores. Have fun with this trend, but don’t go overboard, as it is likely to be dated quickly.

Baller option (not recommended unless you are a member of a royal family or something): Gucci (men’s) Gucci (women’s)

Buff on a Budget options: these jeans from Topshop or this shirt from Topman. And don’t forget their student discount!

Bag Charms 

While not really a brand new trend, bag charms are the perfect accessory to add some spice to your spring wardrobe. Fendi is really the originator of this trend, but their bag charms, known as “Bag Bugs,” can run upwards of $1000. The economy may be doing pretty well, but not THAT well. However, there are still some great options for way less than a month’s rent. Have fun with this trend!

Baller option: Burberry “Thomas Bear” 

Buff on a Budget options: Rebecca Minkoff Rabbit Fur Charm … sorry PETA. Or, BP “Critter” Bag Charm, if you want to save the rabbits.

We hope this list gives you some inspiration for your next shopping adventure. Have fun with your spring style!

XOXO, Grapevine.

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