Grapevine’s Valentine’s Day guide to the most romantic places in Boulder

With Valentine’s Day hitting us like an 18-wheeler on I-25, Grapevine dishes on where to take your significant other to show them how you really feel.

  1. The Post Office: Nothing says romance like government bureaucracy! Take your date and wait in line to ship a package, mail a letter or get your passport photos taken. Maybe they’ll even let you take them as a couple. Romance factor 7/10.
  2. Boulder Creek: What’s better than hanging out by a smelly/potentially polluted body of water in summer? Hanging out there when the water is partially frozen over and falling in would result in near-instant hypothermia! But if you want to recreate the iconic scene in Titanic, then this is your best bet. Romance factor 7.4/10 — your bae will never let you go!
  3. Discount Tire/another tire store: The choice for the practical couple, and not that we’re trying to endorse a certain tire company, but Discount Tire is close to Dunkin’ Donuts, so you and your boo thang can chow down on empty calories and have a meaningful conversation all while your tires are being rotated. Romance factor: 6.8/10 — practicality is attractive to some!
  4. Wardenburg: Have you and your honey forgotten to get flu shots? Maybe one of you has a rash that you’re not so sure about. Whatever your health-related concerns might be, Wardenburg Health Center probably has the answer! So make a date out of getting screened for something. Romance factor: 7.3/10 — safety is sexy!
  5. Walgreens: Three levels of fun, right on The Hill! Whether you are in the market for overpriced groceries, band aids or false lashes, Walgreens has your back. Also, not to encourage law-breaking, but the bathrooms in there are oversized and private, if you’re in the mood to live dangerously. Romance factor: 7.5/10.
  6. Flagstaff House: In the words of Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer: Let me wave something shiny in front of you monkeys. While the other places on this list are totally romantic and can help set the mood, to really impress your date, you should go all out. Drive up to Flagstaff House and have a delicious and romantic meal in one of the finest eateries in Boulder, and try not to eat literally everything on the menu. Romance factor: 10/10, the crowning jewel of Boulder’s romantic restaurants. Flagstaff House is not to be missed for the true romantics out there!
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