Would you rather? CU edition part 1

Everyone’s favorite adolescent party game is back as Grapevine asks you to indulge in a CU-themed edition of “would you rather?” Best.Day.Ever.

  1. Ride the Buff Bus for an entire day or have to spend a day in Norlin Commons … WITHOUT wifi or Laughing Goat?
  2. Go to a neuroscience class stoned out of your mind or work out at The Rec drunk?
  3. Have five classes two days a week or three classes five days a week?
  4. Eat at Cosmos or Boss Lady for a week straight?
  5. Have to walk from the Engineering Center to Humanities every day or have to jump in Varsity Lake every day at 7 a.m.?

Have fun playing this! We’ll be back soon with part 2.

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