Dining hall buffalo depresses students

A buffalo statue at the newly opened Village Center Dining and Community Commons in CU’s Williams Village has met with criticism from students, who are calling it “sad,” and “lonely.”

Sitting at the base of the stairs leading up to the dining hall, the statue is a metal replica of the school’s noble mascot, the American Bison. However, instead of standing proudly, it appears with its face turned to the wall, as if it is cowering from meal-goers.

“It just looks kind of sad,” said sophomore Andrea Smith. “I feel bad for it every time I walk up to get my food.”

“I’m not gonna say it makes me lose my appetite or anything, but it doesn’t make me super excited to eat here either,” said senior Mark Jones. “You would think they’d try to make it look a little happier or something.”

“Maybe it’s sad because it knows they’re serving cow meat in the dining hall,” suggested Anna Stevens, a vegan following the raw-food diet.

The administration could not be reached for comment, leaving us wondering what their motivations were for commissioning this sorry mammal.

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Carina Julig

Carina Julig is the senior news editor at the CU Independent. A SoCal native, she is a sophomore at CU majoring in journalism and political science and minoring in space. Follow her on twitter at @CarinaJulig.

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