Overheard @ CU 1/18-1/25

Welcome back, Buffs! Your favorite Grapevine column is back with a vengeance; it sounds like the people of CU only got more ridiculous over break.

“Sh*tty weed’s like good weed to roll joints with.”

What an enlightened stoner, they should definitely be a philosophy major if they’re not already.

“If I cut the handle off of a razor scooter, is that basically a hoverboard?”

Idk dude, but definitely try this before you’re kicked off your parents’ health insurance.

“*Name Redacted* spilled margarita all over herself at the Rio and looked like a toucan, like from the actual movie Rio.”

I had to google this movie and actually the main character in Rio is a Macaw … just so you know.

“If I found a gray hair during Syllabus Week does that mean I’ll be full gray by the end of the semester?”

This HAS to be an engineering major.


Stay wild, CU. Check back next week for a new batch of overheards!

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