Overheard @ CU: 11/20-12/1

We’re back for the last time this semester, but don’t get too emotional because we will be back and better than ever in January. This week’s overheards do NOT disappoint.

“Well I’ve also seen *name redacted* talk to a robot for three months on Tinder.”

Who doesn’t love dating in the 21st century?

“I don’t see the glamour in looking at sore throats.”

Ya, but that’s why your Ear, Nose and Throat doctor is making like 300k per year.

“At least you didn’t get your foot stuck in a fruit preserve jar over break.”

Fair, and I thought having to eat my aunt’s food was bad.

“Q: What’s the name for when people take over a ship like pirates?

A: Poopdeck? No wait, mutiny?”

Same thing when you really think about it.


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