Ballot Cheat Sheet: Senate election, Michael Bennet and Darryl Glenn

In Colorado’s 2016 Senate race, incumbent Democrat Michael Bennet faces Republican Darryl Glenn, a former El Paso county commissioner. Democrats are only six seats away from gaining majority, which makes this race a must-win to keep their chances of flipping the Senate alive.

The two split on issues in ways indicative of their party lines. Glenn considers himself “an unapologetic Christian, constitutional conservative, pro-life, Second Amendment-loving” candidate, while Bennet is Christian, moderately liberal and known for bipartisanship.

Bennet supports legal abortions and some gun regulations like banning high-capacity magazines, and advocates for LGBTQ rights and equal pay for women.

Bennet was a member of the Gang of Eight, a bipartisan group of influential senators that advocated for immigration reform in 2013 that would have created a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. In contrast, Glenn is focused on border security and enforcing current immigration laws more harshly — his campaign website that the “system is so broken.”

Bennet was superintendent for Denver Public Schools from 2005 to 2009. He worked on the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) committee to overturn former President George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act. His campaign website says that he “passed provisions that incentivize innovation in schools,” and is currently working to expand nutrition programs so students who need them can access meals during the summer.

Bennet also supports income-based student loan repayment and making Pell Grants usable year-round, as opposed to only in fall and spring.

On the other hand, Glenn would support abolishing the federal Department of Education. He says that “those dollars should be returned to Colorado so parents, teachers and superintendents have the freedom to make choices and direct the education of their kids.”

A retired lieutenant colonel from the U.S. Air Force, Glenn strongly opposes the Iran Nuclear Deal and advocates for more military action in the Middle East. While Bennet supports expanding the military and voted against defense cuts, he supports the recent Iran deal.

Bennet supports raising the minimum wage and calling for higher tax rates for wealthy citizens, while Glenn calls for a flat tax policy and is against raising the minimum wage.

Glenn opposes Obamacare and calls for its repeal. Bennet is advocating for reform to the law in order to “further reduce out of pocket costs for patients.” He has been given a 100 percent rating from Planned Parenthood partially due to his position that contraception should be classified as preventative care and covered by all insurance plans. Glenn does not mention women’s health in his health care platform.

Lucy Haggard

Lucy Haggard is a Colorado native in her second year at CU Boulder. She currently the breaking news editor, writing about CU Student Government, school administration, current events on campus, and whatever unexpected thing happens next. When not on a deadline, she’s probably cooking something tasty.

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