Election Day: Groups gather to promote candidates and voter turnout at UMC

A clear message persists on the University of Colorado Boulder campus today: Vote! Election day has brought a large gathering of groups to the fountain outside of the University Memorial Center. Each are advocating support for candidates and ballot measures, all the while promoting the simple idea of voting.

College Democrats as well as the non-partisan, nonprofit group New Era Colorado have been stationed outside the UMC in golf carts all morning, offering students that have not voted a lift to the polls. Both groups will be shuttling students around campus throughout the day from as far as the area to polling stations at the UMC.

A voter questionnaire booth is also set up by the fountain, offering information to students on their way to the polls and to those who have voted — for many, it was their first time.

A small group of students also gathered next to the tents, promoting support for Amendment 72 on the Colorado ballot.  Amendment 72 is a measure that would increase the tax on cigarettes form 84 cents to $2.59 per pack.

There has not been any conflict or protest taking place outside the UMC. A small assembly of Youth for Trump activists appeared for a brief period of time alongside the tents. The group posed for pictures with a large cardboard cutout of President Barack Obama that is taped to the College Democrats tent before departing the area.

Updates from around campus will be available throughout the day.  Check back to cuindependent.com for more information regarding this year’s election.

Contact CU Independent Assistant Sports Editor Olivia Butrymovich at olbu3713@colorado.edu.

Olivia Butrymovich

Olivia Butrymovich is the Assistant Sports Editor at the CU Independent. She is a sophomore at CU pursuing degrees in journalism and political science.

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