Trump supporters willing to ‘engage in conversation’ in liberal Boulder

1 p.m. is a prime hour for traffic at the UMC on most days, but in the midst of an election with two of the most controversial presidential candidates of all-time, you have yourself a full-blown circus.

The fountain outside the UMC has been a hub for all voter viewpoints on this afternoon of Election Day. Supporters for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have stood side-by-side in the middle of the chaos, each voicing their own opinions in a civil formality.

Boulder is a well-known liberal campus, but this election has caused opposing viewpoints to voice their opinions and stand for their vote. Around seven Trump supporters quietly stood just feet from Clinton supporters outside the UMC, exercising their freedom of speech. The size difference between the two support groups was noticeable.

“Most of our opposition has been pretty friendly actually. We’ve been engaged in a lot of conversation, very little of it has been people actually screaming at us,” said Trump supporter Nick Reinhardt, president of the CU non-partisan club, Turning Point USA. That group promotes free-market ideas, small government and fiscal responsibility. 

“When people do want to have actual conversations we love doing that. We love exchanging ideas and seeing where they’re coming from and usually they’re really good with our ideas too. At the end of the day we just usually shake hands and that’s it,” he said. 

Among the group of Trump supporters on campus was a recent Berkeley grad that wanted to come voice her support of Trump on Boulder’s campus. 

“I’m just here because I just graduated, so I can relate to students and students can relate to me, and I feel like I’m the most effective around people my age,” she said. “I’m just trying to make people aware that not all Trump supporters are intolerant and crazy and unwilling to talk to you.”

As the day hits its halfway point, action around the UMC did not cease. Students proudly embraced their political viewpoints with “I’m with her” stickers and “Make America Great Again” head-wear. Polls will remain open at the UMC until 7 p.m. Preliminary results are expected to start rolling in around 5 p.m. MST as the polls close on the East Coast.

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Olivia Butrymovich

Olivia Butrymovich is the Assistant Sports Editor at the CU Independent. She is a sophomore at CU pursuing degrees in journalism and political science.

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