Presidents Leadership Class holds election viewing party in British Studies room

The Presidential Leadership Class, a four-year honor class for exceptional student leaders, held an election viewing party in the British Studies room in Norlin Library.

People started showing up at 5 p.m., when the first polls on the East Coast closed. There wasn’t much political talk at the time what with results so few and far between, but with more and more polls closing there is expected to be more political talk. The same can be said for turnout, as the large room remained mostly empty at 6 p.m.

PLC members had games at the ready and were passing the time with other banter. It was organized for and by the students of the class.

The class wants to groom better leaders and to better prepare students for once they graduate. Though the program is not for any one major, it does focus on political discussions.

“I think it’s exciting ’cause we get to be talking about one of the most important elections of our lifetime,” junior Heberto Limas said. “Especially one that’s been so controversial up ’til now and maybe will be controversial later on in the future.”

The group is hoping to stay until the next president is announced.

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Jake Mauff

Jake Mauff is the Editor-in-Chief and staff writer for the CU Independent. He enjoys biking, hiking and running in what little free time that he has, and he has interviewed a variety of interesting people including a presidential candidate. You can follow him on Twitter at @jake_mauff.

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