Breaking: Donald Trump wins Florida

Florida’s 29 electoral votes have been called for Donald Trump, as called by CNN. Trump narrowly beat Hillary Clinton, winning 49.1 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 47.7 percent. 

This result is somewhat unexpected, given the Hispanic surge that occurred in the state. Of the 6.4 million residents in the state who voted early 15 percent were Hispanic, a 2-percent increase from 2012. Furthermore, at least 36 percent of Hispanics who had voted before Nov. 8 did not vote in 2012. 

Florida is a key battleground state in this election. Early voting showed the state in a near deadlock, with 38.5 percent of the votes going to Trump and 39.9 percent going to Clinton.

Trump, however, prevailed in the state. This is good news for the his campaign – according to FiveThirtyEight, Florida is a state which could tip the balance in his favor. 

The only other battleground state that could provide a decisive win for either Clinton or Trump is Pennsylvania, where polls close at 8 p.m. EST. Check back at the for updates. 

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Emily McPeak

Emily McPeak is an undergraduate student who writes about society and politics. She is studying journalism and political science.

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