Al Gore campaigns for Clinton in Boulder: ‘This is a climate election’

About 300 people came to see former Vice President Al Gore campaign for Hillary Clinton at eTown in Boulder Monday afternoon. Gore talked about the influence this particular election will have over all things environmental.

“This is a climate election. Every election after this will be a climate election,” Gore said.

He said whoever is elected will have the power to help or hurt the earth, and that Americans must answer the question: “Do we have to change our energy use?”

Gore mentioned Boulder’s involvement in environmental policy. He said that the city has supported climate research through technology and engineering more than any other community. Gore reminded everyone of the drastic flood that affected Colorado in 2013.

“1,000 year floods aren’t happening every 1,000 years anymore,” he said.

He continued to explain that the planet’s average humidity has increased dramatically, causing more downpours, floods and mudslides.

“We need to stop using the atmosphere as an open sewer,” Gore said.   

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet and former Colorado Sen. Mark Udall attended the event as well. Bennet said he believes no political party has ever deserved to lose more than the current Republican party and their ticket this election year.

“No one wants to wake up to a surprise [on Wednesday morning],” Bennet said.

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Jackson Barnett

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