Overheard @ CU: 10/19-10/26

At last, Overheard @ CU is back! Seriously, people on campus need to start saying more interesting things or this column will bite the dust. Alas, the Grapevine staff was able to overhear some truly outrageous comments this week. Enjoy!

“Can you get a carpal tunnel from swiping a credit card?”

Hmm, fair point.

“It sounded like there was a car hitting another car but when I looked over there was just a car and a person on the ground.”

Is Bruce Banner on campus?

Person 1: “What House of Hogwarts are you?” 

Person 2: “I am actually in the trap house.”

Wingardium Leviosa!

Q: Why did you stop being vegan? A: Because I tried this mac and cheese and I was like holy f*ck”

Mac and cheese: guaranteed vegan reversal

Check back next week for a new selection of overheards. Have a great weekend Buffs! And say some interesting things that we can overhear, please.


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