Trump Jr. talks father’s campaign strategy on Pearl Street

Donald Trump Jr. spoke about his father’s campaign strategy and hopes for the presidency in Boulder Monday afternoon.

After the Sink denied his request to hold the political event in front of the restaurant, Trump Jr. and supporters moved the event to a small house on Pearl Street. The house quickly filled with people and media, including CBS Channel 4. 

A Trump campaign worker from Oklahoma—who wished to remain anonymous—said her favorite points made by Trump Jr. included that his father was running for president “for the right reasons” and that the “Trump family loves America.”

The campaign worker claimed “the country was bordering on anarchy” and a Trump presidency would change that. 

When asked how she felt about the recent events surrounding Trump and his treatment of women, the Oklahoma campaign worker said that it was “a diversionary tactic.” She said that neither Trump, nor men in general, should be held accountable for “locker room talk.”

Many college students and millennials, including a group of business students from CSU, came to show their support.

Colton Shaeffer was one of these students.  He said that his favorite part of Trump Jr.’s speech was the focus on “family values.” His support of the American family struck a chord with the student. Schaeffer maintained that the family unit was an important part of our history and way of life. 

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Maris Westrum

Maris Westrum is an undergraduate student who writes about culture and women’s issues. She is studying journalism and anthropology.

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