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This playlist is for all you grungy rockers drinking cheap beer that walk among us. Specifically, those of you who are going out for a night on the town. Song-by-song, this will take you through your night.


1) 4th and Roebling – The Districts: The perfect start to your night starts with this song. This song is brilliant for when you’re picking up your friend and about to do your thing.

2) Southern Comfort – The Orwells: Get out of your car, pour a shot of well, you know.

3) Young Hearts Spark Fire – Japandroids: “We finished our old lives, Like we finished off the wine,” clock out, stay up all night, rock out.

4) Noisy Heaven – Beach Slang: The best part of my summer was finding this band. This song encapsulates all the things this band does well. It’s also very suitable for a playlist about booze and other things.

5) Cheap Beer -FIDLAR: Are you in college? This one is your anthem for all your given functions.

6) I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor – Arctic Monkeys: Get off that couch, take that beer belly, find a partner and hit the floor. Sway your hair, swing your hips and etc.

7) Strange Desire – The Black Keys: The guitar riff at the start of this song is in a word — incendiary. The end of this song is a bit of an interlude, break the seal and start your search for food.

8) Stoned and Starving – Parquet Courts: Call that Uber or Lyft (CU Nightride if that’s your thing) hit The Hill and get some dang food. Blurry vision + traffic lights + this rhythm = fun night.

9) My Body – Young The Giant: Finish that food and rally. Your body may say no but you only go get more.

10) Thrash Unreal – Against Me!: One of my favorite bangers of all time. Don’t be lonely, share your wonderful night with others.

11) Tongues – Joywave: You’ve probably had one too many, so if you see somebody giving you a funny look you’re “just speaking tongues.”

12) Dirty Sheets – The Orwells: Disgraceland by the Orwells is an amazing record which you should check out. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have put it on here twice. But this one is for the end 0f the night. Find your savior.

13) 5 to 9 – FIDLAR: It’s the morning and if you don’t remember your night, put this song on and watch your Snapchat story.

14) Salad Days – Mac DeMarco: Pretty good daytime come down song right here.

15) Caffeinated Consciousness – TV On The Radio: Now you gotta get some coffee in you and head off to work or class, that’s the downside to Thursday night on Pearl.

16) Teenager – Mona: “You can’t find the love,” yeah maybe because your night was crazy ^^^.

17) Stay Useless – Cloud Nothings: A guaranteed banger to help you keep coming down and reflect on your night.

Jake Shapiro

Daylighting as professional sports reporter, Jake has been a credentialed Colorado Rockies and Colorado Buffaloes reporter since he was a teenager. At night, he loves music and blogs about it for this very site. "Shap" is working towards a degree at the University of Colorado at the College of Media, Communication and Information. Follow him on Twitter @Shapalicious.

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