CUI staff & friends’ fall semester resolutions

As the new semester year is upon us, Grapevine asked CUI editors, staff writers and their friends what they would like to personally change. This fall we resolve to:

Go out more–

Explore more of Colorado–

Stop sleeping around so much–

Switch from coffee to tea–

Only drink away my sorrows five times a week rather than six–

Get into Sig Nu with a ratio worse than 11:1–

Convince a freshman to buy my saved notes from comm 1210 for $100–

Go to at least one sports ball game–

Skip ZERO classes this semester–

Learn the bus routes–

Get in shape so that I don’t jiggle while I brush my teeth–

Stop doing homework in my apartment–

Stop hooking up, my new rule is that I’m not allowed to spend the night with a guy unless we’re dating–

Go to Pearl more–

Go to counseling services–

Promote positive energy–

Live in the moment–

Adopt a puppy–

Go to more office hours–

To not get hit by the Buff Bus…on second thought, that lawsuit $$ though–

Stop eating frozen meals–

Be happy–

Enjoy my last semester at CU.

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